20 Fantastic Things To Do In New Orleans This March

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20 Fantastic Things To Do In New Orleans This March

It’s time to get ready for spring, New Orleans!

With Women’s History Month, St. Patrick’s Day, and the return of spring, NOLA has so many things going on. With the days getting longer, it’s appropriate that we fill them up accordingly. There’s a story untold on every corner of New Orleans, so we thought we’d help you out.

Here’s the top 20 things to do in New Orleans this March:

1-3. Women’s History Month

Credit: Infrogmation/Wikimedia Commons
  • Louisiana State Museum – There are some incredible exhibitions to check out this Women’s History Month, including The Life and Work of Clementine Hunter. Also, Mystery In Motion explores the African American spiritual connection to Mardi Gras.
  • Take a tour – There are so many tour guides in NOLA with specific tours delving into the women of New Orleans’ past. From the mysterious and morbid, to legendary and ground-breaking, there are so many stories to discover in the city.
  • Visit the monuments – Scattered around New Orleans are several monuments honoring iconic Women from history.  There’s even a Joan of Arc’ nestled in the French Quarter.

4-6. Tis’ the season for crawfish…

Credit: @beviseafoodco via Instagram

March kicks off crawfish season, and as one of NOLA’s many delicacies, it would be rude not to sample as many boils as possible. Here are some of our favorite places to get your crawfish fix this March:

  • BOIL Seafood House (11th Ward)
  • Clesi’s Restaurant & Catering (Mid-City)
  • Bevi Seafood Co. (Metairie)
Check out our full list here!

7. St. Patrick’s Day

Credit: Linda Parton via Shutterstock

Even though the parades are cancelled, you can still have a fantastic St. Patrick’s Day in New Orleans. With bars back open and following precautions for both a safe and fun time. You can still get your green beer if you need it NOLA. We recommend Finn McCool’s Irish Pub. Although things will be a lot calmer than their usual festivities, it’s one of the best pubs in the city!

8. Candlelight Concert


Candlelight offer several different concerts, dedicated to anything from Vivaldi to Jazz. This month, Vivaldi’s Four Seasons will be taking over Felicity Church. The intimate concert will be drowned in candlelight. It’s a guaranteed night of beautiful music and romance.

8. The Historic New Orleans Collection

Credit: Photo by Michael P. Smith; The Historic New Orleans Collection.

A new exhibition at The Historic New Orleans Collection celebrates NOLA’s historic street parades. Dancing in the Streets as a love letter to the social aid and pleasure club community of New Orleans, until the day everyone can hit the streets again.

9. NOLA’s ‘Cultural Funhouse’

Credit: @jam.nola via Instagram

JAMNOLA is a new immersive museum, with exhibitions exploring the culture of the city. Using interactive art pieces, lights, and music, watch New Orleans come to life.

10-13. Café au Lait?

Credit: Cafe Beignet, New Orleans

There are so many places to get a traditional cup of café au lait. Delicious coffeehouses are all over the city. Here are a few we recommend:

  • Café Beignet – With four locations around the city, make sure you check out the Bourbon and Royal locations. You can enjoy your cup of Joe on one of their gorgeous terraces.
  • Baldwin & Co. – New Black-owned bookstore on Elysian Fields Avenue. You can enjoy a delicious cup of coffee and stock up on reading material.
  • Mammoth Coffee
  • Hey! Cafe & Coffee Roastery

14. Have a bite at the Vampire Café

Credit: @nolavampirecafe via Instagram 

New Orleans is known for embracing its dark side. Vampire Café is located in the haunted French Quarter. The a one-of-a-kind experience was inspired by the renowned mystique of New Orleans, boasting vampire themed menus and a décor to match.

15-18. Unique Dining in Unique New Orleans

Credit: @hotelmonteleone via Instagram

If the Vampire Cafe excited you, then there’s more where that came from. New Orleans is home to a revolving bar, church restaurant, and so much more. Make it a night to a remember at these restaurants and bars:

  • Carousel Bar -New Orleans’ most haunted hotels is home to the city’s famous revolving Carousel Bar.
  • LOLA – Restaurant in a converted historic train.
  • Vessel – Have an intimate dinner at this 100-year-old church.
  • Antoine’s Restaurant – NOLA’s oldest restaurant.

19. Sando’s Coming…

Credit: @sando.itchi via Instagram

A hugely popular pop up from Dallas, Texas will be visiting New Orleans from February 28. Sandoitchiwhich has popped up in Houston and Los Angeles, will be nestled in the French Quarter for two weeks.

20. Check out NOLA’s incredible street art

Credit: @bywaterparlor (via Instagram)

Walking around NOLA is like walking around an art gallery. It’s impossible to walk down the street without seeing incredible pieces of street art. From local artists to renowned international graffiti stars, NOLA has it all. We recommend checking out Studio Be, the exhibition space is located in a giant warehouse featuring countless pieces that tell stories of politics, revolutionaries and New Orleans. 

Featured Image: zimmytws via Shutterstock

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