Get A Coffee And A Tarot Reading At This Mystical Vampire Cafe In French Quarter

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Get A Coffee And A Tarot Reading At This Mystical Vampire Cafe In French Quarter

Thirsty for blood? Vampire Café is waiting.

Serving both mortals and vampires, a French Quarter Café is causing quite the spooky stir in NOLA. New Orleans Vampire Café offers a unique dining experience that’s guaranteed to leave its mark.

The one-of-a-kind experience was inspired by the renowned mystique of New Orleans. It opened in January, and boasts vampire themed menus with décor inspired by castles and the mysterious creatures.

The café is a haunting collaboration between Marita Crandle, who also owns the 18-year-old Vampire Boutique next door, and Vampire Family Brands.

Their specialty cocktails are the star ghouls of the show. Try their ‘Spiked Snowball’, which is an orange flavored snowball with cranberry bite marks on the frozen treat.

As well as serving up some vampire friendly bites and drinks, the restaurant offers tea leaf readings, tarot readings and vampire tours of the city.

The self proclaimed ‘vampire concierge’ of New Orleans is nestled in the perfect location to cause a real scare.


Opposite the café and boutique rests the house of The Carter Brothers. Wayne and John Carter were considered the town vampires in the early 1930’s.

With many scary stories to share about the duo, it is said that they return to New Orleans every Mardi Gras to make a bloody appearance.

The Vampire Café is located in the French Quarter at 801 Royal St. Crandle’s Vampire Boutique is right next door.

They are currently open everyday from 9AM-11PM, but once the pandemic is over they’re planning to be a 24/7 fixture in haunted New Orleans.

Featured Image: @nolavampirecafe via Instagram

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