10 Ways To Spice Up Date Night In New Orleans This Valentine’s Day

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10 Ways To Spice Up Date Night In New Orleans This Valentine’s Day

Love is always in the air in New Orleans. But in case you’re a little lost in love at the moment, here’s some ideas to spruce up the perfect Valentine’s Day in NOLA.

From the charming French Quarter to the Mississippi River, New Orleans is a city where romance is available to all. No matter what your date nights usually look like, there’s something for everyone and everyone’s price range.

Here are the most romantic things to do in NOLA this Valentine’s Day.

1. Steamboat Nachez

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This cruise is the ultimate Valentine’s Day date. With lunch and dinner available, accompanied by live jazz. It’s impossible not to impress on the Steamboat Nachez. A guided trip down the Mississippi River is included and the food is to die for.

2-4. Fine Dining in New Orleans

New Orleans is host to many romantic restaurants, offering some of the finest cuisine in the country. From authentic Southern dishes, to fusion experts, NOLA has it all. We suggest checking out these excellent options for your Valentine’s Day date:

  • Costera – There’s nothing more intimate than sharing tapas. Delve into the delicious dishes inspired by Spain and share one of the Spanish fine wines on offer. It is Valentine’s Day after all.
  • Cocquette – Serving up some traditional Southern food, authentic to New Orleans. The hearty food will swoon any potential love interest.
  • Luvi – Chinese infused with Japanese, and done with such elegance that we hope your S.O. loves you as much as they’ll love Luvi’s.

5-6. Valentines Day, Mardi Gras style


Locals of NOLA are lucky to be able and celebrate two holidays at once. With Valentine’s Day falling right before Mardi Gras, New Orleans has made sure that the cancelled festivities have been made up for. Take a long walk through the city, and explore the incredible decorations from the Yardi Gras extravaganza lighting up NOLA. One of the Mardi Gras krewes has kindly created a map to help you navigate through the insane decorations.

You could also check out Floats In The Oaks, a drive-thru lights show and parade, replacing the many parties that would usually be happening around this time.

7-9. Go for an evening stroll, NOLA’s romantic enough!

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Get outside and soak in that Louisana air! There’re so many place for the perfect Valentine’s Day stroll, or perhaps a picnic? Get the blankets, and get old-school this V-Day!

  • City Park – This 1,300 acre beauty is absolutely stunning. It’s always a great place to hangout, and is a local hotspot for picnics and that much needed time to chill.
  • Mississippi River Walk – The perfect walk to take in the whole city. The river that runs directly through New Orleans has views to ‘Woo any S.O.
  • Bayou Sauvage NWR Ridge Trail & Boardwalk – This National Park is ideal for a soothing walk through one of NOLA’s beloved nature reserves.

10. Eat in Church?

Credit: Vessel, New Orleans

Vessel is one of NOLA’s most gorgeous and unique restaurants. Housed in a renovated Lutheran church dating back to 1914, there’s no mistaking the historical roots of this building. The previous life of the now restaurant is apparent the second you arrive, as it has been perfectly preserved in all its glory, giving diners an experience to remember.

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