Top 10 Romantic Restaurants In NOLA For The Perfect Date

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Top 10 Romantic Restaurants In NOLA For The Perfect Date

New Orleans may be romantic enough, but these restaurants will certainly impress your partner this Valentine’s Day.

You don’t need to do much for a romantic night on the town as there is romance already living throughout the city. But if you’d like to treat your partner to an incredible evening of delicious food, then these romantic restaurants may help you with your plans for Valentine’s Day.

It’s advisable that you pre-book due to restrictions faced by the hospitality industry during this time. Seating is reduced and limited, so call ahead to avoid disappointment. Some of these restaurants also offer take out, so maybe you could enjoy some fine dining from the comfort of your living room!

1. Coquette

Where: The Garden District

The ambiance in Coquette is guaranteed to help any spark blaze with giant flames. The cozy Southern restaurant is beautifully lit with chandeliers, serving up the most delicious food authentic to Louisiana. From farm to table, the freshest ingredients are presented with complete artistry. Further complimenting the ambiance and atmosphere, famous for setting the mood perfectly on any romantic occasion. Plus the kitchen is entirely run by women so YES KWEENS, etc!

2. Lilette

Where: The Garden District

Do you ever wonder where all the romance has gone? Our bet is on this place. Nothing says sophistication like France, and Lilette serves up some of the finest French-inspired cuisine that the city has to offer. If you’re not sold already, there’s even a courtyard that’s picture perfect for any date. If you’re both in the mood for steak then this is the place for you, although we recommend the delicious duck.

3. Costera

Where: Uptown

From France to Spain, hopefully your potential lover will fall in love you as much as they’ll fall in love with these scrumptious tapas. With an excellent selection of Spanish wines too, why don’t you order yourselves a bottle? It would be rude not to. Sometimes the notion of pretentious atmospheres can be off-putting for certain couples, but leave that at the door when dining here. Its fine dining, with relaxed and approachable vibes. Also, sharing tapas always creates an intimate setting to help any romance bloom.

4. Sylvian

Where: French Quarter

This gastropub nestled in the enchanting center is the local hot-spot for date night. The cozy atmosphere will get rid of any butterflies that may be causing some nerves. With the cutest outdoor space and a cocktail menu to die for, if the atmosphere doesn’t shake your nervousness away, then the true artists behind the bar certainly will. We highly recommend asking the waiter for the ‘Dealer’s choice’, which is when the chef chooses a four course meal for you. This will certainly add an element of mystery to your guaranteed evening of romance.

5. Luvi

Where: West Riverside

This Asian-fusion eatery combines the cuisine’s of China and Japan so beautifully, that this may end up being your regular date-night-spot! With the presentation skills to impress any culinary hero, prepare to be blown away by Luvi. Its intimate setting should keep the conversation flowing all evening, and there’s something for everyone on the menu. But make sure you order a couple of dishes and share, in order to take advantage of all the moreish flavors on offer.


6. La Crêpe Nanou

Where: Uptown

Touch and taste the spirit of Paris in this cute crêperie (with entrées and other options also available). The mosaic tiles and romantic lighting will go down a treat, along with the incredible French cuisine. The atmosphere is always perfect, whether its your first date, or hundredth. I hate to state the obvious, but you can’t leave this place without trying one of their crêpes, especially if you’ve got a sweet tooth! Although savory options are available, with this little gem offering a NOLA renowned bowl of mussels that leave customers in a craze.

7. The Delachaise

Where: East Carrollton

The yummiest food to help any heart melt. The Delachaise Wine Bar you can nibble on your pommes frites, while sampling their extensive wine list. The staff are extremely knowledgeable about their vinos, so you’re in for a real tipsy treat. The ambience inside, and the ample of space on their patio means you can enjoy your romantic evening inside or outside, in the whimsical New Orleans air. Your date will be in awe with your tastes.

 8. August

Where: Business District

August is the treat that keeps on giving in New Orleans.  The charming staff will make you feel right at home, with a contemporary twist when it comes to their menu. Try their unique takes on Southern classics and you’ve had yourselves a blissful, and passionate evening filled with soul and heart! Beyond this, the interiors will swoon even the iciest heart and create the perfect romantic environment.

9. Rosalita’s Backyard Tacos

Where: Bywater

You may be in somebody’s backyard. But you’ll get anyone to fall in love10 with you if you take them to Rosalita’s. Perfect if you’re on a budget, and after your first visit, you won’t stop thinking about these tacos all year! They may even become a permanent date-night hotspot. Eat your addictive tacos under glimmering lights, to add that extra special twinkle to your eyes.

10. GW Fins

Where: French Quarter

New Orleans’ premier fine dining experience. If seafood is your thing, then GW’s is the place for you. Their vast and beautiful space is perfect for any occasion, but specifically if you’re out to impress your S.O. From their everchanging menu, with exquisite specials unique to their creativity. To their passionate service, ensuring that under the gorgeous high ceilings, seafood and hospitality are valid artforms. You’re guaranteed a phenomenal date that’ll make lasting memories.

Featured Image: @sylvainneworleans via Instagram

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