The Skeleton House Is Back This Year On St. Charles Avenue

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You can’t leave New Orleans without visiting one of its most popular and unique Halloween attractions: The Skeleton House.

Halloween is just around the corner, and a New Orleans staple is coming back from the dead after COVID. The Skeleton House is now open for viewers in St. Charles Avenue, ready for another season of spooky fun!

Last year, we went through October without this tradition as the house-owner wanted to prevent too many people from congregating along their sidewalk. Louellen Berger also admitted to a NOLA newspaper she thought it would be insensitive to make jokes with skeletons as so many people worldwide were dying due to the pandemic.

Luckily, she has taken the skeletons out of the closet this 2021, and they’re ready to make you die of laughter.


A brief history of the Skeleton House of New Orleans

Louellen and Darryl Berger bought the historic home on the corner of St. Charles Avenue in 1978 and have made Halloween a particular season for all in NOLA for the last few years.

Their home decorations kick off the season every year with creative and funny skeletons many consider “so NOLA it is awesome.”

Over the years, Louellen has confessed she doesn’t want to be scary, “she wants to be funny.”


Visit Napoleon Bone-apart this October and take a look at the annually updated puns and social criticism.


Where: šŸ“600 St. Charles


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