Power Has Been Restored To The French Quarter After Three Days

Emma Colosia Emma Colosia

Power Has Been Restored To The French Quarter After Three Days

Most of New Orleans is still in the dark.

Hurricane Ida left damages that left New Orleans without power since Sunday. The city’s main provider was able to reconnect East New Orleans yesterday, and the French Quarter earlier today. People in NOLA documented the return of electricity on social media.


Community members have since organized themselves to set up charging stations and hot kitchens for those who’ve lost their homes or cannot cook.  Joe Biden announced yesterday that he’ll be visiting Louisiana tomorrow to survey the disaster zone and meet with the state and local leaders from impacted communities.


“We are pleased that the president recognizes the importance of seeing firsthand the damages throughout the state of Louisiana”, said U.S Rep. Troy Carter.

According to Entergy, the electricity provider, almost one million people were affected by the power outages following the hurricane. And they’re expecting to have a clear assessment of the damages later today in order to give a date where the power supply will be able to go back to normal.

If you would like to help people in NOLA, here’s how you can do it.

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Featured image by Joseph Sohm.

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