How To Help People In New Orleans Right Now

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How To Help People In New Orleans Right Now

This is how you can help people in New Orleans safely.

Hurricane Ida hit New Orleans and other cities in Louisiana this past Sunday, leaving more than one million people without electricity and thousands with damages to their property.  Authorities are just beginning to determine the extent of damage Ida did to NOLA and how to help those in need.

The NOLA government websites are down right now, so they ask people to stay updated on important information via social media and text messages. 

If you’d like to help the people of NOLA, the easiest way is to donate money to trustworthy aid organizations like Imagine Water Works, Culture Aid NOLA, and Hands on New Orleans.

Imagine Water Works 

Imagine Water Works focuses on water management, climate justice and disaster readiness, and response/mutual aid. You can donate on their official website.


Culture Aid NOLA

Culture Aid works with partners like Second Harvest Food Bank, World Central Kitchen, and El Pueblo NOLA to get meals to those still in the city and help the city recover from the hurricane. They are raising money on their official website.

Hands On New Orleans 

They are a non-profit organization that creates customized service projects.

For the time being, hot meals, clean water, shelters, open grocery shops, and charging stations are being run and organized by churches and community members. For more information, they have created this Google Doc where you can find details about Ida Relief Resources.

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