7 Hurricane Tips To Stay Safe After The Storm

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7 Hurricane Tips To Stay Safe After The Storm

Stay safe, everyone!

Ida hit New Orleans yesterday, causing great damage to the city and leaving most of us without electricity.

As we return to normal and start to reconstruct, there are many tips to follow to keep yourself and your family safe.

1. Avoid flooding and standing water

There can be electricity running through water, so avoid driving, walking, and swimming through water. There might also be sharp or dangerous debris underwater that you cannot see, so it’s just best to keep away.


2. Don’t forget to turn off gas pipes

If you’re not 100% sure that your home has not been damaged, it’s always best to turn off the gas until it’s checked.


3. Only drink bottled water

If electricity is still off and the city is still checking the full extent of the damage, drink bottled water and cook with it. Most cities have their filtration system working on electricity, so it might not be 100% safe to drink or cook with faucet water. Listen to the news until it’s confirmed to be safe.

4. Don’t return home until  authorities confirm it’s safe

We know it might be hard to be away from home. If you were evacuated, don’t return until local authorities say it’s safe.

5. Stay informed through local media

Power might be out for an indefinite time, so stay tuned and listen for important information and sources of assistance through the radio.


6. Help others but stay safe

Help out your neighbors and do repairs in your house but don’t put yourself or others in danger. Remember, hospitals might be damaged and overcrowded, so don’t risk it. It’s better to wait until emergency response teams arrive.


7. Remember your mental health is important

Natural disasters are devastating for everyone. If you need help, ask for help. Connect with family and friends and let them know you’re ok.


If you’re in a hotel, remember to follow the staff’s rules. 

Call 911 in case of emergency. 


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