Top 5 Ooky Spooky Things To Do In Haunted New Orleans

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Top 5 Ooky Spooky Things To Do In Haunted New Orleans

From haunted hotels to its voodoo history, embrace your dark side in creepy New Orleans. 

This is a city that embraces the unusual and morbid with an open heart, and open arms. Its addictively interesting history is filled to the brim with spooky happenings and hauntings. 

NOLA is notorious for being completely enchanting one moment, and disturbingly eerie the next. Which is why we made this list, guaranteed to give you the heebie-jeebies. 

1. Stay at The Hotel Monteleone

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From the outside, this may look like your standard fancy hotel. But its insides are much more sinister, with The Monteleone attracting hundreds of ghost hunters annually. It’s said to be haunted by the former staff and guests of the hotel, including toddler Maurice Begere, who died during his stay in the late 1800s.

2. Go on a Ghost Tour of NOLA

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If you’re already creeped out then perhaps it’s best that you’re in a group, and a ghost tour is the perfect way to do that! Not only will you learn about the spooky happenings of New Orleans, but you’ll also get to see a lot of the city that you might’ve missed wandering the streets solo.

3. The Pilgrimage to the tomb of Marie Laveau

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Witches unite, as the undisputed voodoo queen, Marie Laveau rests in power at NOLA’s St. Louis Cemetery.  Three X’s marks the spot as visitors from over the years have vandalized her tomb, said to bring them good luck. Because of this, it’s now only possible to view via a guided tour.

4. New Orleans Historic Voodoo Museum


Speaking of voodoo, the practice is as entwined to New Orleans’ culture as much as Mardi Gras. Learn about the practicing witches of the past, the origins of the practice and why it’s such an integral part of the city.

5. The Museum of Death

This place is disturbing, but what did you expect? Unleash your inner freak (which is a term of endearment in NOLA), by learning about the human’s obsession with death and all that entails. From cannibalism (yikes) to burial, you’ll learn all you need to know before you tip the bucket.

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