Power Has Finally Been Restored To Certain Parts Of New Orleans

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Power Has Finally Been Restored To Certain Parts Of New Orleans

Entergy has announced that they’ve taken the first step to restoring power back to the region.

Hurricane Ida struck Louisiana last Sunday, leaving almost a million people across the state without electricity. The storm took out all eight Entergy transmission lines that supplied electricity to the NOLA area, including Orleans, St. Bernard, and Plaquemines parishes, as well as parts of St. Charles and Terrebone.

People around the city have been improvising power stations and ways to supply everyone with clean water and warm food. Yesterday, Mayor LaToya Cantrell announced that there would be “some level of transmission” to NOLA this Wednesday and luckily, power was restored to certain parts since 1:00 am.

Entergy announced the good news through their social media, saying that crews had been working to restore power starting with New Orleans East. However, the damage is still being analyzed by the company, so they have not given a time frame as to when the power supply will be rehabilitated in the whole city.

Meanwhile, there are still power stations installed around the city, as well as kitchens and shelters. You can find a list that is being updated in real-time here. 


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