Is Le Pavillon Hotel In NOLA Haunted?

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Is Le Pavillon Hotel In NOLA Haunted?

The Big Easy is one of the most haunted destinations in our country.

Le Pavillon is known as one of the creepiest hotels in the Big Easy. Built more than 100 years ago in 1907, it is said to be haunted since its opening. Apparently, the hotel was built over land that was dangerous and known for criminal activity, so several people who lost their lives in the area have decided to stay and roam their corridors.

Paranormal investigators have assured more than 100 spirits wander Le Pavillon because it sits on a portal to a “parallel universe”. Guests and staff have reported seeing ghostly figures on the hallways, standing at the foot of the beds, and feeling the bedsheets being tugged off in the middle of the night.

However, the hotel is happy embracing its paranormal permanent guests. If you’re looking to have an out-of-this-world experience, be sure to ask for a room on the ninth floor, known for its recurrent ghostly activity.

The most well-known ghosts that roam the hotel include:


A 1920’s couple (which is curious because there’s no record of a couple passing away near or in the hotel) that loves to scare guests on the second floor and especially in room 221.

A little girl that usually appears near room 930. It’s thought that it is Ava’s ghost, a girl hit by a passing carriage on Poydras Street, just in front of the hotel.

The Prankster, known asĀ the ghost that enjoys playing tricks on the workers and guests. He is normally seen or felt on the third floor and is famous for pulling on the bedsheets or move things around inside the rooms.

Where: šŸ“833 Poydras Street

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