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Hustler Club To Give Out Free Vaccines And Alcohol Shots On Bourbon Street

By Secret New Orleans

Get a shot for your shot at Hustler Club!

The Hustler Club is going to give out free COVID vaccines at its Bourbon Street location next week. The shot-for-shot scheme was made in an announcement earlier this week.

This means people who get a vaccine at this Bourbon SThtreet hangout spot can also get a free alcohol shot.

Credit: Unsplash

The scheme has come to provide a convenient vaccination location for French Quarter residents, and all those who work on Bourbon Street.

Ann Kesler, Hustler’s general manager said, “This is about safety and normalcy. We want to see this city where we’ve operated for years open back up quickly and safely.”


Credit: Wikimedia Commons

There’s no knowing what vaccine is available at this unique vaccination site, but the press release states that there will be dozens available.

People who want to get a vaccine should bring a valid ID. Hustlers Club is located at 225 Bourbon St, New Orleans, LA 70130.

Featured Image: Wikimedia Commons