9 Essential Irish Pubs For The Perfect St. Paddy’s Day Celebration In New Orleans

Tavern, Pub, or Inn.. We'll have a Guinness

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9 Essential Irish Pubs For The Perfect St. Paddy’s Day Celebration In New Orleans

New Orleans’ Irish Pubs makes the city a great place to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

If you’re looking for a whiskey or a pint of beer, then New Orleans is home to many Irish Pubs that’ll be happy to help you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Guinness, green beer, or awesome drink specials. New Orleans has it all for the perfect St. Paddy’s tipple.

The recent loosening of coronavirus restrictions means there’s live entertainment on offer, as well as a 25% increase in venue capacity.

Here are some of our favorite Irish Pubs in New Orleans:

1. Erin Rose
Credit: Erin Rose

Where: 811 Conti St

This French Quarter gem is a great spot to have a beer, or maybe something a little stronger. We recommend their frozen Irish coffee, for a modern twist on a traditional classic.

2. Finn McCool’s Irish Pub

Where: 3701 Banks St

A great place to catch a game, head to Finn McCool’s for casual drinks, a game of pool, or a bite to eat. Renowned for their hospitality, you’ll feel right at home at McCool’s (especially if you’re Irish)

3. Fahy’s Irish Pub
Credit: Fahy’s Irish Pub

Where: 540 Burgundy St

Down to earth outpost with the quirky décor, Fahy’s is an intimate pub perfect for some St. Paddy pints. There’s also a pool table, so it’s perfect for a fun catch-up with friends.

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4. St. Pat’s Coffeehouse
Credit: St. Pat’s Coffeehouse

Where: 933 Conti St

This may be a coffee house, but St. Pat’s also is a great place to grab a whiskey. The warm and laid-back hotspot is a favorite among locals.

5. Boondock Saint
Credit: Boondock Saint

Where: 731 St Peter


Named after a cult movie, Boondock Saint is a cozy sanctuary for pub lovers. With an extensive collections of beers on tap and an epic playlist on the jukebox, you have to check out this French Quarter jewel.

6. Mick’s Irish Pub

Where: 4801 Bienville Ave

Laid-back neighborhood Irish hangout featuring pool, ping pong, darts & video games. Great place to grab a Guinness.

7. Ryan’s Irish Pub
Credit: Ryan’s Irish Pub

Where: 241 Decatur St

This friendly Irish pub has an excellent selection of beers. Ryan’s is an Irish pub go-to for NOLA locals, so get in on the action.

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8. Molly’s at the Market

Where: 1107 Decatur St

Molly’s at the Market is a great pub to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Molly’s is a great pub period. If you don’t head here in the evening, head here the morning after to kill your hangover with their amazing iced Irish coffees. It’s also only one minute away from the French Market.

Featured Image: Erin Rose, New Orleans

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