Abandoned New Orleans Airport Gets Ultimate Skatepark Makeover

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Abandoned New Orleans Airport Gets Ultimate Skatepark Makeover

A former NOLA airport became a dream destination for skateboarders.

Red Bull Terminal Takeover transformed a former New Orleans airport building into three custom-built skate parks, creating a dream destination for skateboarding. The abandoned terminal took on new life as skaters slid, grabbed and grinded iconic airport features, giving the aged facility an edgy upgrade.

“We spend so much of our lives in airports as pro skaters,” said Red Bull athlete Jake Wooten. “We take four-hour layovers and daydream about what could be done on our boards. I look at stairs and rails. They’re the smallest architectural features but a skate spot is all I see,” he said. “The fact that Red Bull was able to make it happen and turn an old airport into a park is like something out of a video game.”

Credit: Red Bull

On May 1-2, five crews each comprised of 4-5 skaters and 1 filmer representing TN, AL, FL and LA met up at the old MSY Terminal for the ultimate skate jam and content capture sessions.


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The active runway overlooking the new world-class terminal served as the panoramic backdrop for takeoffs, landings and maneuvers of a different kind. Over the course of two days, New York Design and Construction (NYDAC) converted the once abandoned airport into a lively park, featuring three unique course designs and features conducive to different styles of riding.

Credit: Red Bull

Red Bull have been transforming other parts of the city too, recently teaming up with Studio Be for a NOLA basketball court transformation project.

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