Everything You Need To Know About “The Singing Oak” In City Park

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Everything You Need To Know About “The Singing Oak” In City Park

This monumental, ancient New Orleans oak is filled with hidden chimes that produce a beautiful melody. 

New Orleans is a fascinating city full of culture, music, and secret spots where locals and tourists can enjoy the scenery. One of these places is “The Singing Oak” in City Park, a tree more than 100 years old with dozens of wind chimes hanging from its branches.

The tree is found just down the road from the New Orleans Museum of Art, east of Big Lake, on the south side of City Park. The wind chimes were designed by local artist Jim Hart as a part of the “Big Lake Project,” a program devised to make this section of the park more attractive to visitors.


A plaque at the base of the tree reads: “Let the wind bring you a melody, a smile and a sense of peace and nature”.  So, if you’re looking for a peaceful place in NOLA, you’ll love sitting under its shade. Take in the tranquil music made by the wind while you read a book or simply unwind. The chimes are all tuned to ring out in the pentatonic scale, the same scale that characterizes West African gospel hymns and New Orleans Jazz.

This is undoubtedly one of New Orleans’ lucky finds. You may have walked past “The Singing Oak” on many occasions without noticing its musical magic. Get disconnected from the city and your chaotic everyday life and enjoy the simple things!

Where: 📍 1701 Wisner Blvd 


Open during daylight hours. 

The following transit lines have routes that pass near City Park:

🚌 Bus- 90,91

🚋 Streetcar – 48


Featured image by Hillary Libby. 

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