New Orleans Is Brought To Life At Mind-Blowing Street Art Warehouse Studio BE

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New Orleans Is Brought To Life At Mind-Blowing Street Art Warehouse Studio BE

This artistic, Bywater warehouse is a New Orleans must-see!

Studio BE is a 35,000 sq ft warehouse in the Bywater neighborhood of New Orleans. What’s special about this place is that there’s spray-painted art scattered throughout, telling the stories of revolutionaries, heroes and everyday New Orleanians.

The mind-blowing addition to the New Orleans street art scene has become a beloved part of the Bywater neighborhood. Their striking entrance is the perfect introduction to what’s inside, with the spray painted front continuously evolving.

Credit: Studio BE

Studio BE is the final part of the “BE” series curated by local NOLA artist Brandan “BMike” Odums. The warehouse space was his first solo show as a visual artist, and has continued to provide the city with incredible art.

Odums even teamed up with Red Bull and the New Orleans Pelicans recently. The collaboration is showcasing a dozen local artists that’s set to transform basketball courts across NOLA. Additionally, the cities favorite artist will design a new, art basketball court to serve the community.

Credit: Studio BE

Odums’ work encapsulates the political fervor of a generation of Black American activists who came of age amidst the tenure of the nation’s first Black president, the resurgence of popular interest in law enforcement violence, and the emergence of the self-care movement.

Black voices are rightfully, truthfully and beautifully elevated at Studio BE, with the art around the warehouse representing Black voices, Black artists and Black New Orleans.

Credit: Studio BE

Most often working with spray paint, Odums paints brightly-colored, wall-sized murals that depict historical figures, contemporary creatives, and everyday people.


Guided or independent tours are available at Studio Be. There’s an in-house merchandise shop that sells original works and pieces from the collection. Keepsakes such as prints, pins, apparel and skateboards can be purchased.

Credit: Studio BE

Studio BE is open 4 days a week from Wed-Saturday , 2pm – 8pm and will be officially closing with the closing date TBA. Make sure you check it out before it closes, New Orleans!

The warehouse is located at 2941 Royal St, New Orleans, LA 70117. Tickets are $15.

Featured Image: Studio BE


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