Six Flags To Reopen As Make-Over For NOLA’s Abandoned Theme Park In The Works

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Six Flags To Reopen As Make-Over For NOLA’s Abandoned Theme Park In The Works

Theme park remanence from Hurricane Katrina flooding proving itself irresistible to trespassing adventurers.

Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans on August 29th, 2005. The hurricane’s destructive impact left many buildings and places in ruins. The disaster remains as a reminder of the catastrophic capabilities  from natural disasters. With the majority of the city rebuilt, some of the disaster’s impacts will likely never be fully erased from the city.

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One chilling reminder of the disaster is NOLA’s old Six-Flags theme park. Also know as Jazzland, the park got destroyed by flooding during the hurricane. Water rose six feet high throughout the park, destroying buildings, concession stands, and attractions.

The relentless weather destroyed 80% of the park equipment and rides. Deemed too expensive to repair, Six Flags immediately closed the park. And to this day, it remains as a haunting reminder of those dark times.

The ghost-town theme park has many attractions still standing, and their faded façade is attracting a different kind of thrill seeker. Although it’s illegal, many photographers and influencers sneak into the ruins to explore and snap the perfect shot of this creepy gem.

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It is currently owned by the Industrial Development Board of New Orleans. So it can be deemed as trespassing if you’re caught inside. The park is best observed from the outside.  It’s also extremely risky as some areas in the site can be dangerous.

With an online community eager to re-open the theme park, there have been several meetings with the owners and NOLA officials. TPC-NOLA, Inc. proposes to re-open the park as a true celebration of Louisiana by connecting the dots of community, history, identity, and artistry in a living testimonial to our spirit and pride.


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Due to the ongoing pandemic, things have temporarily been put on hold. In May 2020, they said in an official statement, “There has been more urgent matters that the City is facing, the pending RFQ has not been issued.”

They added, “As always, THANK YOU for sticking with us.  We hope to be able to welcome you into the Jazzland Resort in the coming years. #LouisianaStrong”

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