New Orleans Restaurants Are Now Asking For Proof Of Vaccination To Children As Young As 5

Emma Colosia Emma Colosia


New Orleans has now expanded its proof of vaccination requirements at restaurants and other venues. The new rules have started to be implemented this Monday, January 3. 

Restaurants will now ask for proof of vaccination to all adults and children as young as five years old. 

Take note! Children will be asked for at least one shot of the COVID-19 vaccine or a negative test result throughout January and, starting February, proof of full vaccination. 

Mayor LaToya Cantrell announced the news a few days ago: “Starting in January, you need to start getting your children vaccinated.” 

The move has been modified to keep people safe after the holiday season and ahead of the Carnival season, especially after the omicron variant continues to spread throughout the country. 


Before New Year’s, Dr. Jennifer Avegno from the New Orleans Department of Health said average cases had doubled. 

According to data from health officials, 80% of the adult population in NOLA has already been fully vaccinated. However, numbers are much lower for children. Only 27% of the residents from ages 5 to 17 have received both shots. 



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