Stunning Mural Honors The Female Musicians Of New Orleans’ Past And Present

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Stunning Mural Honors The Female Musicians Of New Orleans’ Past And Present

House Float becomes permanent fixture honoring NOLA’s female music superstars!

With New Orleans already counting down the days until next year’s Mardi Gras, remanence from this years quirky alternative to Mardi Gras has become a permanent part of the city.

A mural entitled “New Orleans Queens of Sound and Soul” was created for the Yardi Gras celebrations. However, the owner kept the piece standing and is now another addition to the incredible street art vibrantly painting NOLA.

Credit: @romingnola via Instagram

The mural honoring the female musicians of New Orleans, both past and present. The property owner, Tricia Diamond, bought the house from an artist in August 2020. As a welcoming gift, the artist Monica Rose Kelly painted a mural of Diamond’s dad Billy Diamond. Her dad is a NOLA bass playing hero, who managed pianist Antonie Domino.

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Tricia felt it was important to elevate female voices during the Yardi Gras craze that swept the city earlier this year. So she gathered a team of female artists including Kelly, to honor the female heroes of New Orleans music.

Credit: @romingnola via Instagram

The female stars on the mural include Irma Thomas, DJ Soul Sister, Magnolia Shorty, Tank of Tank and the Bangas, and Anjelka “Jelly” Joseph. Sweet Emma and the Original Pinettes brass band are jamming out on the balcony in-between a gorgeous heart sculpture.

Diamond has a family of superstars, as the mural is devoted to her mother’s cousin Shirley Goodman, of the duo Shirley and Lee. The wording on the fence spells out  “Let The Good Times Roll,” Shirley and Lee’s rock-n-roll hit in 1956.


There’s even a QR code to scan with hopes to gain momentum for Kelly’s non-profit called “People for Public Art.” The charity’s mission is to inspire female artists, and make sure they receive equal opportunities in street art.

Credit:@romingnola via Instagram

The mural is is located at 1401 Laharpe St. The contributing artists are Tyla Maiden, Antonio Zennaro, Kara Crowley and Madeleine Kelly.

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Featured Image: @romingnola via Instagram