Louisiana College Students Will Receive $100 For Getting Vaccinated

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Louisiana College Students Will Receive $100 For Getting Vaccinated

The program is available to all colleges, including private universities, if they choose to participate.

During a press conference, Governor John Bel Edwards has announced an exciting vaccine incentive program for college students of Louisiana.

According to Edwards’s plan, the first 75,000 college students to get the COVID-19 vaccine will receive a $100 gift card.

The Governor has said every college can participate, even if its private, if it decides to. He also added that students would receive more information from their colleges soon.

Each participating student will be given a deactivated Visa card when they get the shot and will be able to activate it online at a website called ShotFor100.com. Then they’ll be free to use it.

According to data, young people ranging from 18 to 29 years of age are one of the lowest vaccinated groups in the state.


It is not yet clear if some universities will make the vaccine mandatory for students and staff.

Who’s getting the shot?

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