Your Water Damaged Photos Can Be Restored At This Free Event in LaPlace

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Your Water Damaged Photos Can Be Restored At This Free Event in LaPlace

If your photos got damaged during Hurricane Ida, this info will make you smile!

Hurricane Ida hit New Orleans and other cities in Louisiana almost a month ago, leaving millions of dollars in damages in streets, buildings, peoples’ homes, and vehicles. However, some of the water damage is invaluable, people’s emotional belongings, such as photographs.

Suppose you’re one of the people who got their family photos damaged by the water. In that case, we have good news (and news that will make your heart explode with happiness); a group of local photographers and a nonprofit organization are working to help restore these photographs at no charge in the LaPlace area this week.

The group is called Family Photo Rescue, and it’s formed by local news and commercial photographers working with the Operation Photo Rescue nonprofit organization.

Families will be able to choose up to 20 photographs to restore. The experts will fix a copy of your photo and then will print it and ship it at no charge. You will keep your original at all times!


If you’re thinking about taking your pictures, take these recommendations into account:

Do not take the photo out of the frame.
If your pictures are stuck together, soak them and carefully pull them apart. They might still be salvageable!

Where: La Place 📍 1811 Kid Ory Historic House
When: ⏰ Wednesday 22 September, Saturday 25 September.
Hours: Wednesday 11:00am-4.00pm
Saturday 1:00pm-6:00pm

Find more information here.

Featured photo by Marta Maziar from Shutterstock.

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