Have A Blooming Delicious Dinner At New Orleans’ Enchanting Botanical Gardens

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Have A Blooming Delicious Dinner At New Orleans’ Enchanting Botanical Gardens

Kitchen in the Garden is an incredible culinary experience taking over NOLA!

The New Orleans Botanical Gardens have been keeping the city pretty since the 1930s. Now they’ve decided to enter NOLA’s cuisine scene, and it’s certainly one of the many unique dining experiences on offer.

Kitchen in the Garden is a blooming marvelous idea. Enjoy your boxed meal from an extensive selection of delicious dishes, and enjoy them picnic style in the gardens!

Credit: City Park NOLA

Chef Pat White will cook a delicious variety of fresh foods every Wednesday, for you to enjoy in some of the most beautiful floral displays in the South.

The best thing about the experience is the fresh vegetables and herbs are harvested straight from the Vegetable Garden and move directly to the Kitchen in the Garden.


Credit: City Park NOLA

Kitchen in the Garden serves as a hub for food education and culinary training. Programming at this new facility focuses on nutrition and healthy living, composting, and environmental stewardship through hands-on gardening and cooking events and classes.

There is a limited supply of food and beverages, we encourage pre-purchase online. Seating is limited, bring your chair and find a shady spot. Family and individual options are available. Wednesday’s menu and order capabilities go live at 10am the Monday prior to that Wednesday.

Featured Image: City Park NOLA

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