Is The Hotel Monteleone In New Orleans Haunted?

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Is The Hotel Monteleone In New Orleans Haunted?

Were you looking to stay at a haunted hotel? Hotel Monteleone is your best option.

You’ve probably seen or stayed at the Hotel Monteleone, right? Located at the intersection of Royal and Iberville streets in the French Quarter, the old hotel is in a privileged area of the Big Easy. Its imposing structure gives out a vintage yet elegant vibe that is impossible to miss, even if you’re just walking around.

However, like with many other buildings in the oldest parts of New Orleans, the Hotel Monteleone hides a dark past, and many spirits wander their rooms and corridors.

Maurice Begere

One of the most famous ghosts inside the hotel is Maurice Begere, a toddler who tragically died inside it. Maurice passed away during the late 1800s. His parents were expected guests at the Monteleone and would leave him behind with a nanny while they enjoyed the shows of the French Opera House on Bourbon Street. Sadly, one night Maurice developed a fever that wasn’t treated fast enough, had a convulsion, and died inside his room on the 14th floor. His mom went back to the hotel after his death, hoping for his spirit to appear, and he did, telling her that he was fine. To this day, guests report seeing the ghost of Maurice on the same floor, describing him as a “friendly toddler.”

The 14th floor (actually the 13th floor) has become famous for being the most haunted place in the hotel, and visitors have also claimed they’ve seen or heard children laughing and playing in the corridor.

2003 Paranormal Investigation

In March of 2003, the International Society of Paranormal Research spent several days investigating the Monteleone. According to the hotel, the team made contact with more than 12 entities. These included various former employees, including William “Red” Wildemere, who died inside the hotel of natural causes. They also encountered a former chef and another ghost of a waiter who love to trick current employees by leaving doors open in the lobby and restaurant.

If you’re feeling brave, you should definitely stay at the Hotel Monteleone…


Where: šŸ“214 Royal St, New Orleans


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