7 Awesome Places To Get Your Sno-Ball Fix In New Orleans

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7 Awesome Places To Get Your Sno-Ball Fix In New Orleans

The days are getting longer and warmer, which means it’s sno-ball time, New Orleans!

The summer cool-off staple, the snow-cone, isn’t just for summer in New Orleans! We can’t get enough of the frozen confection from the moment spring begins, until the Indian summer heat in Autumn.

The snow-cone is known as a sno-ball in NOLA. It’s a customizable sweet made with a mound of shaved ice, flavored with delicious syrups. They’re also topped or stuffed with a number of add-ons.

Here are seven incredible places to get sno-balls in NOLA:

1. Hansen’s Sno Blitz

Where: West Riverside

Ernest and Mary Hansen opened this NOLA institution in 1939. It came after the creation of the first ice-shaving machines in the city. Head to Hansen’s for the OG sno-cone, and we recommend the watermelon topped with strawberry coulee.

2. SNO-LA Sno-balls

Where: Metairie

For unique takes on the NOLA classic, head to SNO-LA Sno-balls. When hotspots started adding ice-cream to their sno-balls, this place leveled up and added cheese-cake. Need we say more?

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3. Casey’s
Credit: Casey’s Facebook

Where: Metairie

For no frills and just ice-shaven deliciousness, check out Casey’s Snoballs. We regularly need one of their addictive mango sno-balls to get us through the day.

4. Sal’s Sno-balls
Credit: Sal’s Sno-balls

Where: Metairie

Nestled in Old Metairie, you’ve got to stop off at Sal’s if you love sno-balls. It’s been around since the 60s and there’s no sign of them stopping, boasting a delicious menu of traditional sno-ball flavors to please everyone!


5. Ike’s Snowballs
Credit: Ike’s Snoballs

Where: City Park

This place has an awesome outdoor seating area to enjoy your frozen treats in that NOLA sunshine. Or take it to go and head to City Park for an even more scenic sno-ball experience.

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6. NOLA Snow Snoballs


With two locations across New Orleans, the city can’t get enough of NOLA Snow Snoballs. You can get really creative here. Why not try their Sweet Heat topping? A spicy, citrus sauce that’ll wake up your taste buds served with fluffy shaved ice!

7. Plum Street Snoballs


If you’re a sno-ball superfan then this is definitely the place for you. You can get sno-balls by the bucket at Plum Street Snoballs. There’s a great selection of toppings and add-on too!

Featured Image: Hansen’s Sno Blitz

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