Top 10 Pizza Joints For The Perfect Slice In NOLA

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Top 10 Pizza Joints For The Perfect Slice In NOLA

Check out these delicious restaurants serving up the best pizza in New Orleans.

There are so many incredible places to get a pizza pie in New Orleans. It can be overwhelming when you’re craving the Italian staple in NOLA. Whether it’s a slice or an entire pizza you’re after, we’ve got you covered. We’ve put together this list of the best pizzerias serving up the best pies in New Orleans.

1. Pizza Delicious

Where: Bywater

The name speaks for itself. If you’re in NOLA and need a pizza, then many locals would recommend Pizza Delicious. The hipster hotspot serves it up thin-crust style, and have a delicious selection of beers to wash it all down. Pizza Delicious have a menu that goes beyond pizza, with tasty Italian inspired dishes also available.

2. Fat Boy’s Pizza

Where: Old Metairie

If size matters to you, then make sure you head to Fat Boy’s Pizza. Inspired by a pizza place in Miami, the owners wanted to make sure that everyone leaves with a full stomach, even if you just get a slice. The family-oriented restaurant is a local hotspot for families, as their pies are more than perfect to share.

3. Mona Lisa

Where: French Quarter

This quaint and quirky Italian-American restaurant is home to some beautiful pizzas. Just a hop away from Bourbon Street, Mona Lisa greets every guest with a sign of the iconic lady guarding the entrance. There’s a delicious selections of appetizers to warm up for the main event – the pizza!

4. Tavolino Pizza & Lounge

Where: Westbank

For pizza with a view, head to Tavolino’s. This place has one of the best wine lists on the Westbank, with knowledgeable and helpful staff to make sure you have the right glass of vino to match your pizza toppings. They also have creative seasonal specials.

5. G’s Pizza

G’s is home to Greek-inspired appetizers and tasty sides, with a top-notch vegan menu if you’re plant based. The pizza here is beloved by its customers, and it’s definitely worth checking out the breakfast pizza, if you want to start the day right!


6. Theo’s Neighborhood Pizza

Where: Mid-City

With three locations around the city, Theo’s has gained quite the reputation for their pies. This local pizza joint likes it St. Louis style, which is popular around New Orleans. The crispy, thin-crust pizzas go great with their chicken wings. Once you stop off at Theo’s, try to name us a better duo. We’ll wait.

7. NOLA Pizza Co.

Where: Irish Channel

Delicious pizza and delicious beer. What more could you ask for? The NOLA Pizza Co. has gathered up quite the fanbase around New Orleans. The spacious and comfortable pizzeria will give you authentic NY-style pizza.

8. Rye and Pie Pizza Bar

If you like wood fired pizzas and served authentically Italian, then you’ll love Rye and Pie Pizza Bar. With tasty Neapolitan pizzas, and its cozy atmosphere, R&P are excellent contenders for being one of the best pizza joints in New Orleans.

9. Mid City Pizza

Mid City Pizza serves up some of the best pies in NOLA. The classic margarita is perfect to share, although there’s never any judgement for wanting an entire pizza to yourself. They are also home to one of the largest vegan pizzas available in the city, so that’s great if you’re plant based.

10. That’s Amoré

Where: Central City

We may be in the south, but you can still get some deep dish in NOLA. Check out That’s Amoré for an extensive selection of pizza pies. From Chicago to NYC-style, however you like your pizza, That’s Amoré will have it on the menu.

Featured Image:  NOLA Pizza Co. via Instagram

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