5 Best Spots For Gumbo Take-Out In New Orleans

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5 Best Spots For Gumbo Take-Out In New Orleans

If you want incredible soul food from Louisiana, nothing beats a bowl of New Orleans’ gumbo!

Instead of asking a New Orleanian where to get the best Gumbo, make use of this list because the locals will definitely tell you that their Grandma’s recipe reigns supreme.   

Gumbo is one of those hearty dishes with recipes that’ve been passed down for generations. The soup is full of warmth to brighten up any miserable day. It’s made from a strong and delicious broth, with seafood and/or meat that’s thickened into bowls of Cajun heaven.  

But every definition is different to anyone who calls Louisiana home. But despite the differentiation, each recipe is sacred and here are some of the best bowls New Orleans!

 1. Gabrielle  

This place made its long-awaited comeback in 2017, a dozen years after Hurricane Katrina closed its doors. Those saddening twelve years were completely worth the wait, and Gabrielle is back and better than ever. This family run restaurant serves up the smokiest and arguably, the most delicious sausage gumbo in all of NOLA, but we’ll let you be the judge of that. 

 2. Gris-Gris

The famous chicken gumbo at Gris-Gris notoriously takes four days to make, so get ready for some succulent flavors because it be marinated to hell, heaven and then back again. Each spoonful will be a little different to the last, making it a journey to the centre of authentic Southern cuisine.  

3. Station 6 

This is THE place for seafood in New Orleans you guys. People may come for the oysters, but they’ll stay (and return) for the gumbo. Station 6’s recipe is a love letter to shellfish lovers, using blue crab, shrimp and oysters. This place is rightfully situated on the Bucktown Harbor Marina, so you know it’ll be super fresh, and just as delicious! 


4. Antoine’s 

If you’re looking to treat yourself and splash out on delicious gumbo, Antoine’s is the place for you. Established in 1840, it’s the oldest family run restaurant in the country. Make sure you check out their Jazz Brunch on Sundays too, because it doesn’t get more New Orleans than gumbo and jazz!

5. Gumbo Shop 

It doesn’t get more authentic than this! Gumbo Shop is nestled right in the centre of the historic French Quarter, and it’s a favourite with locals and tourists alike. With an impressive number of accolades under their belt, there’s no doubt that you’ll fall in love with their steamy bowls of gumbo!


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