10 Best Mouth-Watering Burgers In New Orleans

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10 Best Mouth-Watering Burgers In New Orleans

Ditch your BK or McDonalds for one of these restaurants, serving the best burgers in all of NOLA.

New Orleans is renowned for its delicious cuisine, but sometimes you can’t go wrong with the all-American classic, the burger.

Whether you like yours with cheese, or if you like yours plant-based. We’ve complied this list of restaurants to help you get your burger fix.

1. Port Of Call

Locals don’t only think this is the best place to order a burger in New Orleans, they think it’s the best in the world. A local treasure and a NOLA icon, Port of Call is the port of call for any burger lover visiting the French Quarter.

2. Fharmacy

Get your burger prescription at Fharmacy NOLA. From the Dr. Seuss Burger deliciously imitating Green Eggs and Ham, to building your very own burger creation creation. Their extensive and creative menu goes beyond just burgers, claiming, “we’ve got the cure for your craving.”

3. The Company Burger

We couldn’t create this list without adding The Company Burger. Now with two NOLA locations, these sibling burger joints take their creations seriously. They also have an extensive (and incredible) draft beer selection to wash down your burgers with.

4. Atomic Burger

Every burger from this place makes the perfect food porn pic to make all your Instagram friends incredibly jealous. They even do an unbelievable slider box that’s perfect for sharing, but no judgement if you want them all to yourself.

5. Junction

This place isn’t just a yummy place to grab a burger, it’s also a craft brewery! A wide selection for buns and beers, this place is also famous for having on of the most delicious veggie burgers in all of New Orleans.

6. Sneaky Pickle

Speaking of veggie burgers, this vegetarian haven will satisfy any plant-based person looking for great food with lots of heart. From sushi to brisket, this place has everything and supports local NOLA businesses with the freshest produce.


7. Bub’s Burgers

This pop-up burger paradise is overstaying its original intentions, due to the deliciousness of their creations. Of course, it’s more than welcome with locals buzzing from the hype. We believed in said hype, and so should you. You won’t regret it.

8. Clover Grill

Credit: William A. Morgan via Shutterstock

The myth, the legend that is The Camellia Grill has become an New Orleans institution. This classic American diner will have you going back and back and back again. The grilled cheese, waffles, and incredible burgers will be served to you by bow-tied waiters, adding a little class to your dirty (but well-deserved) addictions.

9. High Hat Cafe

Not only is the burger menu to die for, but this is where you can get some of the most authentic (and utterly scrumptious) Southern cuisine in all of NOLA. Most come for their gumbo, or perfectly seasoned fried chicken, but they’ll stay (and return) for the burgers.

10. Dat Dog

Obviously famous for their hot dogs, but don’t discredit their delicious burger because of it. There are several Dat Dogs scattered around New Orleans, so make sure you stop by one if you’re a fan of all-American classics. They have a tasty (and bulky) selection of vegan options too, with sides that’ll leave you wanting more.

Featured Image: @fharmacynola via Instagram

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